In light of Go Eunbi’s passing, I want to say a few things.

I hope that she & the driver of the car rest in peace as well as for her fellow members (Rise & Sojung) to come out surgery safely so they can recover. 

It is always tragic when someone dies so young & is taken suddenly in a way that is sadly very easy to fall victim to. 

Please wish/pray/hope for those that they love & those who love them to cope as best as they can. It certainly won’t be easy for them, losing someone never is. 


During the talk in Beijing’s concert, everyone shouted kiyomi together. After the fans stopped shouting, Jaejoong sang “전혀 들리지가 않아” from In Heaven which translates to “I can’t hear anything”. Yoochun probably asked him what fans were shouting because Jaejoong mouthed “kiyomi” to him twice.

Watch the video here. [x]